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Badanie Gartner w zakresie wyszukiwania w zasobach firmowych

1 grudnia 2011

18 listopada Gartner opublikował swoje badanie w zakresie wyszukiwania wewnątrz dużych średnich firm. Tutaj można zobaczyć oryginalny dokument w j.ang.: MarketScope for Enterprise Search .

Pod uwagę zostały wzięte czołowe technologie i bardzo nam miło przekazać, że technologie Microsoftowe w zakresie wyszukiwania – a więc SharePoint Server 2010 oraz technologie FAST uzyskały najwyższy spośród możliwych wyników, czyli wskazanie STRONG POSITIVE.

Sekcja na temat Microsoft z dokumentu Gartnera:


Microsoft has surged to a leadership position by offering effective, basic search and more sophisticated search for inward- or outward-facing applications. Its decision to eventually retire its Linux version of Fast Search and Transfer software (while promising support through 2019) causes concern that its Fast product will increasingly focus on SharePoint as a platform, giving Fast’s most innovative customers some concern.

Microsoft is also emphasizing its Web-facing search capability as it turns SharePoint toward Web content management installations.


  • Microsoft’s broad product line beyond search makes it attractive for projects that have a larger footprint.
  • It is particularly strong at transparently revealing the logical elements that lead to a particular result being returned to users.
  • It has invested significantly in federation as a means of broadening search, while seeking to preserve comparative relevance scoring and results interfaces.
  • It addresses social search effectively, allowing users to collaborate on information gathering.


  • Clients express concern that Microsoft will focus on SharePoint to the detriment of non-SharePoint features.
  • Pricing for the Fast search engine is difficult to calculate and deliver for clients not on the SharePoint ECAL.

Rating: Strong Positive

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